Welcome to Jewish Geography Worldwide

A place to connect young Jewish adults to create an online Kehila Kedosha (community)

Ahava (love) statue at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel

All around the world there are Jewish young adults, yet outside of synagogues and youth groups, it can be difficult to connect and be able to stay in contact with each other. Welcome to Jewish Geography Worldwide!

We, as Jews, grow up with values of community and in sharing lasting traditions, yet the only way to achieve these values and traditions is to stay connected with one another.

Jewish Geography Worldwide widens our community and brings to life an online international Kehila Kedosha, connecting young Jews from all over the world, for new and ongoing conversations and connections. With the world changing and becoming hard to connect in person, now is the time to adapt and find new ways to form relationships and talk about Judaism as it relates to us in current times.

Why join Jewish Geography Worldwide?

  • Create new international connections with Jewish High Schoolers and College students
  • Find new ways to connect online with others
  • Learn about Jewish traditions from all over the world
  • Expand your ideas of Judaism
  • Bring your values and friends together to create new communities
  • Come together in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) to help fight injustices in the world

How to be involved

Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for what’s coming next

Along with our Instagram, the main space for communication and networking will be on GroupMe. That way we can have more in-depth conversations and meet new people on a platform that we can text back and forth, to create ongoing connections in a new and fun way.

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