About Ari, the founder of Jewish Geography Worldwide

Shalom y’all! My name is Ari Rosenblatt and I am the founder of Jewish Geography Worldwide. I am a high schooler from the San Francisco Bay Area. Like many others, I have grown up in a very vibrant Jewish family and household. I went to religious school on Wednesdays and Sundays, celebrated the holidays, loved noshing on my favorite food, had my Bat Mitzvah, went to Jewish sleepaway camp, and continued to stay involved in many different Jewish outlets.

I am assuming like many other Jewish young adults connecting in a secular space can be challenging; it’s hard to find MY tribe. In my experiences the best thing that helped me was going to Jewish events. I realized that within minutes I was friends with so many people without knowing a single thing about them; expect that we shared the commonality of being Jewish. Instantly we understood each other. I decided that I wanted to create that same feeling but online. So I created Jewish Geography Worldwide.

I cannot wait to see where this goes and meet so many new people. Welcome to our online Kehillah Kedosha!